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Back in 2008, Win A House Competitions became all the rage. People saw this mechanic as a way out of the property slump - and to make a few pounds exta. The most famous of these competitions was for the Devon Estate, a property worth £1million became the first win a house competition to ever successfully reach completion. During the "glory days" of this kind of promotion we launched our "win a house watch" where we monitored the latest competitions! Every month we checked the ticket prices and number of tickets sold so that speculators and compers could choose which competitions to look at.

However, as the gambling commission started to take a closer look at the raffle/lottery nature of win a house competitions and the fact that few ever reached completion the public fascination quickly dwindled. You can review what happened to some of the 2008 promotions under our Closed Competitions section. In 2018, Win A Country House sparked a revival of these house raffles but it's only since 2020 that properties are finally being won. Below are the current properties that can be won in competitions. Click on the yellow button for more details about each competition.

23 Open Competitions - By Closing Date

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Disclaimer: Details provided are correct at time of writing and are for information purposes only. Please do your own due diligence before entering! A link is not an endorsement and sometimes no link may be available. In some cases Loquax may earn a referral fee from sales. We strongly advise that you check terms and conditions before deciding to enter. Please gamble responsibly.

Win A Tuscan Villa In Italy

Closes: 22nd January 2022 - Cost: £25.00 - Value: £375,000

A stunning 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom detached house with pool in Northern Tuscany is the prize that is on offer in this - the third - competition from Win Houses In Italy. If you are the lucky winner then you could enjoy it as a holiday home or use it to generate rental income.

Elite Competitions Cleveleys House

Closes: 28th January 2022 - Cost: £10.00 - Value: £170,000

A three bedroom mews home situated within a small select development of just three houses in Cleveleys (near Blackpool) is the prize on offer in Elite Competitions' latest house raffle. This is a guaranteed draw regardless of sales but the winner can opt for a £170,000 cash prize alternative.

Omaze The Ascot House

Closes: 30th January 2022 - Cost: £10.00 - Value: £3,500,000

A £3.5million property in Ascot could be yours if you become the next Omaze UK property prize draw winner. This stunning five bedroom property is being offered to help raise funds for Cancer Research UK.

Raffle House West Drayton Flat

Closes: 31st January 2022 - Cost: £2.00 - Value: £250,000

A one bedroom apartment in West Drayton or a £200,000 cash prize could be yours in the 5th Raffle House property competition. Entries cost just £2 each but look out for special deals on bulk buys and ticket matches for other property competitions running on the platform.

Beach Condo In Italy

Closes: 14th February 2022 - Cost: £10.00 (Free Entry) - Value: £150,000

A one bedroom beach condo in Reggio Calabria, is the latest addition to the Visit Central Italy house competitions site. The apartment will be won fully furnished and tickets are available at around £10 each.

Stunning Villa In Kenya

Closes: 14th February 2022 - Cost: £10.00 - Value: £500,000

A fully furnished 6 bedroom villa in Kenya, is the surprise latest addition to the Visit Central Italy house competitions site. The property also includes a 2-bedroom 1 bath guest house and tickets are available at around £10 each.

Win A Home In Dublin

Closes: 15th February 2022 - Cost: £15.00 - Value: £360,000

A three bedroom ground floor apartment in Dublin is the prize that can be won in this house prize draw. The property is ready to move in to and comes fully furnished making it ideal as a rental option. The prize draw is being hosted on Raffall so there's a 75% cash alternative available if not enough tickets are sold.

Win An Irish Riverside Home

Closes: 20th February 2022 - Cost: £20.00 - Value: £425,000

A beautiful 4 bedroom home overlooking the River Shannon and £10,000 cash make up the prize that's on offer in this win a house prize draw. The draw is being hosted on the popular Raffall platform and it'll cost you £20 to purchase a ticket for the chance to be a winner.

Win A Whitley Bay Flat

Closes: 1st March 2022 - Cost: £2.00 - Value: £90,000

A 2 bedroom flat with loft conversion in the North East is the prize that you could win in this competition. As we understand it there will also be £2500 cash prizes for the winner and a runner-up. Hosted on the Raffall platform tickets cost just £2 each.

Win This Gaff Cork City

Closes: 1st March 2022 - Cost: £17.50 - Value: £170,000

A two bedroom property compelete with sauna in the heart of Cork City, Ireland is the prize that's on offer in this Raffall draw. Tickets cost £17.50 each and the winner - if all tickets are sold - will also receive a €5000 cash.

Omaze The Lake District House

Closes: 27th March 2022 - Cost: £10.00 - Value: £3,500,000

For their next UK house competition Omaze are offering you the chance to win a £3million property in the Lake District. And as is standard they're offering this incredible house to one guaranteed winner. Ticket packages cost from £10 but a postal entry route is available.

Win A Greek Villa 2

Closes: 13th April 2022 - Cost: £100.00 - Value: £225,000

A four bedroom villa with Mediterranean sea views is the prize on offer in this prize draw. have partnered with Raffique to give you the chance to win this stunning home in Korfos, Greece. Tickets aren't cheap though but the numbers available are limited.

4 Bed Villa In Perugia

Closes: 15th April 2022 - Cost: £10.00 - Value: £340,000

A 4 bedroom 3 bathroom Villa in Perugia is the next addition to the Visit Central Italy house competitions site. Tickets are available at around £10 each and there are cash prizes of $5000 and $2000 on offer too.

Win A Luxury Limerick Home

Closes: 15th April 2022 - Cost: £50.00 - Value: £500,000

A fully furnished five bedroom home just ten minutes walk from Limerick city centre is on offer in this competition. The competition is being hosted on Raffall and it will cost you a whopping £50 a ticket if you'd like to try and win the house.

Win An Art Deco Mansion

Closes: 20th April 2022 - Cost: £25.00 - Value: £2,300,000

An Art Deco property, Tindale Towers, that's located in Bishop Auckland and worth over £2million is the prize that is on offer in this prize draw. Hosted on the Raffall platform tickets for this particular property giveaway cost £25 each.

Cloverhut La Manga Apartment

Closes: 21st April 2022 - Cost: £2.00 - Value: £150,000

A 7th floor apartment in La Manga del Mar Menor is the prize on offer in this competition from Cloverhut (part of Sesortea). For just €2 you could be enjoying this holiday home that has amazing views of the sea as well as access to plenty of facilities.

Win A Wexford House

Closes: 9th May 2022 - Cost: £12.50 - Value: £400,000

This is your chance to win a 4 bedroomed detached house on 0.31 hectares of land in County Wexford, Ireland. The prize also includes £5,000 and a Husqvarna sit on mower. Tickets cost £12 and entries can be made via the Raffall platform.

Win A House In Wigan

Closes: 9th June 2022 - Cost: £10.00 - Value: £110,000

A three bedroom end of terrace property in Wigan is the prize that can be won in this UK house prize draw. Tickets for this giveaway cost £10 each and the host aims to sell between 20K and 30K tickets. The competition is being hosted on Raffique.

Canterbury Home 2

Closes: 3rd July 2022 - Cost: £1.00 - Value: £350,000

A four bedroom family home located 2 miles from Canterbury city centre is the prize on offer in this surprising addition to FrogHopping property contest platform. This is it's second outing on this platform and tickets have started at £1 each.

Win A Dublin Townhouse

Closes: 28th July 2022 - Cost: £20.00 - Value: £340,000

My Lovely Horse Rescue are offering you the chance to win a 3 Bedroom Townhouse located in the gorgeous Royal Canal Park in Dublin. It's worth over €400,000 and tickets cost £20 each. The competition is hosted on the Raffall platform.

The Great Big House Giveaway

Closes: 13th September 2022 - Cost: £5.00 - Value: £250,000

A three bedroom brand new property in the leafy area of Feniscowles, Blackburn is guaranteed to be won in this charity prize draw. Tickets cost £5 for six entries and 100% of the profits are going directly to Derian House Children’s Hospice.

Win Park View Pub

Closes: 30th September 2022 - Cost: £100.00 - Value: £305,000

The Park View Pub located one mile from Birkenhead is the prize that is on offer in this prize draw. In addition to the freehold property the winner will also receive £20,000 cash. The prize draw is hosted on the Raffall platform and tickets cost £100 each!

Win A Pateley Bridge Apartment

Closes: 25th December 2022 - Cost: £10.00 - Value: £130,000

Stump Cross Caverns are giving entrants the chance to win a one bedroom apartment in the North Yorkshire village of Pateley Bridge as part of a fund raising effort. Entries cost £10 and the competition is being run on the Crowdfunder platform.

Win A House Competition Stats

We are often asked for stats surrounding the win a house competitions that have taken place. The table below shows the results of these giveaways since 2018. We have featured a total of 260 different competitions of which to date only 50 have reached a successful conclusion. There have been 19 competitions that have closed and refunded entrants whilst the remainder have given away a cash prize. A handful of competitions have ended and we've been unable to determine the actual result.

The most expensive house won since 2017 was the £3,500,000 Omaze The Wimbledon House property won by Heekyoung Jin. In terms of cash prizes a number of competitions have paid out over £100,000 to their winners including £173,012 paid out in the first Raffle House competition and more recently £365,366 in the Dream Home Prize Draw.

Number Of Competitions
Cash Prize Awarded
Closed - Refunds
Closed - No Details
Currently Open

Year relates to the time when the competition launched.
Any use of these statistics or data should include a reference to Loquax and a link provided if possible. Thank you.

In November 2019 Better Chances, a house prize draw site, launched and offered entrants the chance to win a three bedroom property in Borehamwood. Tickets cost £11 but despite...

In August 2020 Forest Side Home became the latest property to try the win a house prize draw format. Like many before her Jodie Paget of Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, opted...

Entering These Competitions

We put these competitions on Loquax to show the current array of win a house competitions, what's on offer and ticket sales. A link on Loquax is not an endorsement or recommendation to enter. In our view these raffles are essentially a gamble - you are spending money for the chance to win something at long odds - so treat them the same. Only spend what you can afford to lose. Please gamble responsibly. If you're not keen on spending money then some will offer no purchase postal options. Free entry house competitions are also shown above.

The big question is are they raffles or prize competitions? In our view they're more in the latter department but it's a very grey area. We fully believe that The UK Gambling Commission need to revise their thinking on these kind of raffle style promotions. The other popular question is are they a con? We'd like to think that they are not and all promoters are genuine. However when you enter you are taking a risk. If you feel uncomfortable with any promotion then we suggest not participating. Find out more with our Frequently Asked Questions.

Run Your Own House Competition

Not everyone who visits Loquax wants to enter the house competitions. Over the years we've been regularly asked about how to run house raffles. Unfortunately we can't help you run your own competition but we have put together our top ten tips. Hopefully this guide, created from observing how things have run over the last few years, will provide you with a useful insight before your property joins our listings.

If you've launched your own competition and want to be featured on Loquax then please get in touch. Advertising and affiliate partnership options are also available.